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Now our withPokemon higher order component still has some opinions about rendering. This loading… state is uncustomizable, it would always render this div with three periods. It’s not even a proper ellipsis. Now to show you that higher order components and render props are not mutually exclusive, I’d like to use a render prop to customize this. We’ll start with the implementation and get into an error state. We’ll render this.props.renderLoading. Now we haven’t defined that prop where we’re using it yet, so we’re obviously going to get an error here. That said, it would be nice to present a default, and react components have a very nice api for this. In my component, I can use the static keyword to define some static fields. In my case, I want to define default props. Now, this isn’t something I’m making up., this is part of the React component api, and that’s going to be an object. And here I’m just going to define the renderLoading prop. It’s a render prop so it's going to be a function, and just to make it work we can use the same dumb loading… that we used before. [Example]. Now let’s prove that this is customizable by updating our application. We’ll go down here to fetchComponent. Along with id, we’re going to pass in renderLoading as a prop. We pass in a function, and some type of element. Here, I’ll use h1, and the text FETCHING POKEMON!. Now that was just too fast to be seen, so I’m going to go up and turn off my wifi for a second. So wifi is off, we refresh, and FETCHING POKEMON we have. Alright let’s get that internet back on real quick. So, as a recap, we can now add this renderLoading render prop, and to implement that optional render prop, we use defaultProps using the static keyword. We then just provide our default optional props, which is, in this case, div with loading….

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